Two Poems - Dona Ana The Artist

Apple Cider

His drunk fucking breath poured ove' my mouth.

I wished he would pour some whiskey in it.

It was like romance could play every tune on my body.

All the importance and his love had run into the darkest corner of my heart

It was a matter of time that the smell of my cunt would overpower his whiskey.

It did

Only this time it smelt like Apple Cider.

He slept off between my boobs.

Only this time I couldn't push him away.

My Silver Heart

Baleful, Quarrelsome, Strong

Her travel spares to transmogrify

Winners Transom in foresight

Her dreams darned falsetto, succeeded to terrify

Stroppy, Obdurate, Independent

A veil through which she could see

Despair impounded her black

Young, Agile, Fuzzy

Her soul bounteous of rhapsody

For her allegiance with the coltsfoot

She’d spruce up, but not flee

Her lovers demotic and deviant

Deluded her demure soul

O’ What Now? Speak to me

Tender, Confused, Dazzled

He tarnished her with his improbity

Her struggle doles out of breath

What may the sea be today?

With her hearts crude songs temperament

Her tongue frayed and worn out.

Oh! Her struggle doles out of breath.

Mayurika Jain is a Student of Commercial Art. She practices art and enjoys writing her story in the form of poems. She publishes her poems on her blog which goes by the name Dona Ana The Artist. She works to be a published writer.