A Cartograher's Pandering to Scale - Colin James

Note the well worn hand holds

close to the side’s pockets of

that which is not somnolent

nor sleep deprived or deterred,

just half studied by interns

and left for dead.

Reviled by the more serious

hands across the water types.

Sustenance like pools of gratitude.

He needs simplicity more

than she needs proteins,

and barters successfully for an edge.

That sail mistaken for a moving van

protruded above the conifers

which are about the only plants

that will grow crowded here.

Colin James’ work has appeared in Horror Sleaze and Trash, Outlaw Poetry, and 88. He has a chapbook of poems, A Thoroughness Not Deprived Of Absurdity out on Pskis Porch Press and a chapbook from Writers Knight Press, Dreams Of The Really Annoying. He was born in the north of England near Wales and now resides in Massachusetts.