Two Poems - Sonali Raj

If I were your dog

If I were your dog
I would begin by
licking the hollow
of your toes.

If I were your dog
I would lie on my back
with my arms and legs
in the air and you would
scratch my chest, around my
nipples, down
to my belly.

You would change
in front of me because
I wouldn't leave your room.
I would lie on my stomach
with my head on the floor,
between my paws and after
a while of looking at you
naked, I would get bored
and turn on my side.

But if you prefer, I could
be your kitten and
spend the night
between your breasts.

Doing Yoga

You cannot convolute me, you cannot
I have a bone there that can't bend from its middle, it cannot
My breaths are short because I'm thinking dirty thoughts
Your laughter is fake because you don't smile afterward
Leave me alone at five o'clock.

Sonali Raj lives in India and has an MFA from City University, Hong Kong. Her work has appeared in Eastlit, Kitaab and a few other places.