Four Poems - Olexia Hart

Gentle Hands

Every day I come here its the exact same thing
Hands over me and I wish...
Hands under me and I wish...

In/out, out/in of me and I wish...
They were other hands
More gentle hands
Limbs of an untainted love


How do I say this?
Without sounding like a B
I dont give a fuck about trees
Unless you can put it to your lips
and set its ass on fire
I recycle

The Long Drunk Fuck

Hes drunk; youre not
Wanna scream hurry the fuck up
But you dont say shit
Staring at the back of the couch
Negative eye roll in your head
Sloppy slip-outs
The ok, ok Im almost finished disclaimer
You sarcastically begin to back it up
oh ah oh ah daddy...
Just so hell hurry the hell up


Your hands are all over me
Melting, splicing, molding into my forever
Swab test all wired and screwed up
Trying to imitate
The funky web assigned to you

Olexia Hart graduated from Howard University.  She is currently working on her first poetry collection.