Two Poems - Benjamin Blake

Log Cabin Clearing
The outskirts of some backwoods town
A young girl with olive skin
And the darkest eyes
Brunette hair as light as silk
And a radiance like no other

Clandestine chance meeting
Soon stripped of most clothing
An unspoken invitation
Until this mouth was upon those soft nipples
And then she said
I can touch her anywhere
And so I did

Accomplishment & Relief

I’m drowning in words
While overcome with incoherent illusions
It’s not only the stars that are falling
But the whole damn world
Everything I grasp just turns to ash
And I can feel my flesh begin to melt away
Leaving these bones
Frozen and exposed

Take several steps back
While my head explodes
And all the tissue and blood
Turns to a million dirty thoughts
That will stick in your head like Cupid’s arrows
And make you sick with lust and desire
To consume what you know not to touch

Accomplishment & relief
Pull me from this black hole
Nurse me back to health
With serotonin and with cigarettes
Served with a memento mori
And a glass of red wine

Benjamin Blake was born in the July of 1985, and grew up in the small town of Eltham, New Zealand. He is the author of the poetry and prose collections, A Prayer for Late OctoberSouthpaw Nights, and Reciting Shakespeare with the Dead. His debut novel, The Devil's Children, was published this October. Find more of his work at