Inane Questions - Marc Pelligrini

I was looking out onto the ocean there was a opera house next to it. I was on a green grass hill I notice the water rising like the tide. Next I was down on a baseball diamond tryin’ on a player’s shoe. And then I was back on that green hill the water was surging higher. I felt like I needed to get the shoe, yeah two shoes on right before the water really came. Then the hill that earlier was dry had water seeping over it. I looked up a huge wave as big as god was breaking right above me opera house right up in the middle of it half broke. And I thought well this is it the whole thing is finally over. Then in a basement of sorts green walls white doors corridors I’m walking through them then up a short flight of stairs to a door I open it ground-level sunlight a guy is crouching he’s got shaved sides of his head red sparsed with purple four inch hair spiked. An older guy hands me a two by four, not a two by four you see today, but a two by four that is actually two inches by four inches and says kill ‘im, kill ‘im or he’ll kill you, or I’ll kill him, or I’ll kill you. Then I woke up with a horrible whisky headache.

“When was the last time you used Joey?”

“This morning I ordered the stuff with NONchat as soon as I woke up and it arrived around 9. The runner never delivers before 9.”

Sometimes when my shrink is asking me these questions I get this odd feeling that I am getting bigger and bigger and he is getting smaller and smaller and the thought, it’s not a ego or hate thing I’ve had this happen to me before with gumball machines as a teenager. I don’t understand him at all and he is completely befuddled by me.

“And how did you feel afterwards?”

I felt great, what the fuck does he want me to say? I was all high watchin the Jets. Can’t believe I gotta pay a 30 buck co-pay just to talk to this guy.

If I only listened to my mom after high school. Went to college got a degree at the normal age. And then a post-graduate degree, maybe another post graduate degree. Then I would be here asking the inane questions. The wastoidism could have all ensued after that. 

Marc Pelligrini's favorite way to wind down after a day at the factory is huffing paint-thinner or sometimes gasoline, or preferably an aged blend of solvents and fuels giving off a smooth, refined, polished nose. Marc is a spot-welder currently residing in Roselle, New Jersey.