Fat Tuesday Gig - Glenn Wilson

For Mardi Gras 1997, we had a show set up at the RC Bridge Lounge. Somehow we got White Flag to fly in and play the show Mardi Gras day. We got a call from the Supersuckers booking agent asking if we would book them. They were touring and were supposed to be shooting a video at the show. The line-up was the Supersuckers, White Flag, Sugartooth, and another that I can’t remember. The Supersuckers were the biggest rock star douchebags I have ever met. Total cocks. They were supposed to be filming a video and they weren’t. They were complete assholes to all of the other bands on the bill. They only played for 45 minutes. They had a ridiculous rider and a $750 guarantee plus 15% of the door after that. They were such dicks that we said fuck that and gave ‘em the $750. Somehow I was in charge of the money, I guess because I was least fucked up. When the time came I gave Doug Stevenson their money because he was the drunkest of us all…hahahaha. Their tour manager, some dude from the Dwarves, I think, didn’t like that and we told them to pack their shit up and get the fuck out. It turned into a pushing/shoving match in the middle of Magazine Street. Lynn and Ernie, who had a tattoo shop in Chalmette and who knew the Supersuckers from Seattle, were the voices of reason that night and the only reason the Supersuckers didn’t get their rock star asses beat. They left with the money we gave them and nothing more. Fuck those dudes. A few days later an entire case of their t-shirts showed up at the hangover inn and we gave them all away.

Glenn Wilson for many years was part of Alcoholic Sluts Productions which was a bunch of wastoids that put on underground punk shows in New Orleans. In addition to putting on shows he was involved with designing and making flyers for the gigs. When not promoting gigs and designing flyers Glenn could be found at one of the many bars on Decatur Street. Wilson has retired from making flyers and promoting shows.