We are interested in publishing flash (2000 words or less), poetry, prose poetry, haibun, found poetry/prose, and experimental work (including cross genre). If you submit found poetry please provide your source text.

We very much want to see sleazy, filthy, and trashy material which might include work relating to the following: dissolute behavior, excess, socially unacceptable behavior, profligacy, deviancy, overall degeneracy, and work that is sexually explicit in nature. (Please keep the sexual debauchery between living humans.). More than anything we like dark humor.

Please do not submit any of the following: pure romance, paranormal romance, fantasy, horror, anything with zombies, fan-fiction (stories based in worlds or using characters that were created by other writers). 

Send your work in the body of an email to and in the subject box please let us know which genre you are submitting.

Please provide a short bio written in the third person and if you wish, an image to go along with your work. We may choose an image that we feel goes well with your work if you choose not to send one.

We do not keep rights. We take one time publishing rights. All rights revert back to the author.

Also, anything published here on White Liquor will also be posted on the Steemit White Liquor Journal blog and you will be able to earn up to fifty Steem Dollars one week after your work appears on Steemit. In that event you will need to provide us with your Steemit user name so we can send you the loot. Alternatively, we can send it to you in virtually any cryptocurrency you would like, but in that event you would need to send us your crypto wallet address. Also, please keep an eye on your work over there and remind us that we need to send you your crypto.

We look forward to seeing your stuff.